CarData Services

Data research, consulting and development

CarData databases (Israel) Ltd. was founded at 2010.
The company provides technical data and designated software interfaces.

Information and data collection

CarData continuously collects data and information, in order to bring most up to date data for vehicles which are being market and sold in Israel. CarData works with vehicle manufacturers, authorized data suppliers, Israeli car dealers and importers and the Israeli Ministry of Transportation.

Data optimization

CarData cross checking data in order to optimize data from all sources into homogeneous database compatible into the local market.

Technical consultant

CarData provides consulting and guidance services in technical aspects related to the local and global automotive field.

  • Interactive interfaces development – feasibility to create a web interface which serves the end user for receiving data.
  • Interface development of application programming – feasibility to create integration for other system which serves an end user via third party software.
Manufacturers' databases

CarData provides technical manufacturers data to vehicles for PTI (Periodic Technical Inspection), the data can be divided into several different categories:

  • Emission data - technical data for diesel and petrol emission test.
  • Wheels and tires data – technical data for vehicle compatible wheels and tires according to manufacturer specification.
  • Compatible engine models data – engine models as they appear on manufacturers' specifications and approved for replacement based on the Israeli MOT procedures.
  • Other technical data – any relevant data which is needed based on customer request and exists by the manufacturer specifications.
Software interfaces development

CarData develops designated software interfaces which function as a designated guiding tools to extract and receive data.